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A Visionary Approach To Laughter

G. S. Gerry is a Navy veteran, father of 5, and a 6x award-winning author. Reinventing the art of storytelling and writing some wrongs along the way. Leading by example, teaching others to EMBRACE the struggles.

G. S. Gerry engineers uniquely hilarious concepts with a visionary approach towards life, laughter and entertainment.

Bridging comedy and originality with memorable creations, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to help others laugh their way to a better today.

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From the Visionary Creator of Meth Murder & Amazon

G. S. Gerry brings to life the ultimate lemons to lemonade stories guaranteed to induce audible laughter from around the globe.

It’s a widely known fact that laughter is the best medicine…so quit the meth, join the best, and laugh w/ the rest. It’s Grake Den dun-nun-uh Grake Den!

Grake Den O.G.
MMA NFT Collection

The Meth Murder & Amazon NFT collection bridges meth’ed up designs, illustrations, and other outlandish creations with a shockingly unbelievable true tale of meth-ic proportions.

Each NFT includes a personalized signed copy, as well as exclusive access to future content.

The Roll Away Trash Bucket Doohickey
MMA NFT Collection

Each NFT includes a personalized signed copy, as well as exclusive access to future content.

Meth Murder & Amazon First Edition
MMA NFT Collection

Nothing can prepare you for what’s behind the cover. You’re about to witness an entertaining read unlike any other.

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We are constantly meth-in’ around and making updates, but sometimes…sh!t happens
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From books to audiobooks to NFTs, the Grake Den collection is constantly exploding.  
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