Reasons to Read Criminal Thrillers

Everyone is said to enjoy mysteries, but is this really the case? The most popular literary genre is generally considered to be the crime fiction, mystery, and thriller subgenre because it consistently ranks at the top of bestseller lists. For thrillers to be so popular, something very significant must be happening. Why not give them … Read more

Chicken Wings Unleash The Heat On A Thursday

Chicken Wings Unleash The Heat On A Thursday Let’s kick December off with a BANG! October was all about mutilation of the grizzly and the gruesome, with an unexpected stabbing and a one hitter quitter from GYM. December is gonna be about cooking and family. Honestly, I wanted to post this around Thanksgiving, my favorite … Read more

An Unexpected Stabbing Occurred, On A Thursday

(Warning! Graphicly gruesome photos attached to this blog post. Viewer discretion advised.) “Babe, don’t freak out…” Those are the exact words I recall to this day, as I calmly phoned Sergeant Shredded on the most unexpected Thursday afternoon. And it just so happens, that this exact Thursday, is the day before Sergeant Shredded’s birthday. Typical… … Read more

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